COMMENTARY: In Rush Vs. Fluke Fray, Insanity Prevails — As Usual!

By John W. Lillpop

Like starving sharks driven to frenzy by the sight and sweet smell of fresh blood in the water, liberal Democrats and left-wing moon bats masquerading as journalists are circling the studios of superstar Rush Limbaugh in anticipation of being able to silence dissent and the inconvenience of opposing views, once and for all.

For his “intemperate” remarks about Sandra Fluke, Rush is being portrayed as a despicable, woman-hating misogynist whose First Amendment rights to free speech should be permanently revoked, with no chance for reinstatement.

According to the left, Rush should be kicked off the air ways as compensation to Fluke, the 30-year-old parasite-Marxist, who believes that American tax payers should bear the financial burden for protecting her from the unintended consequences of her own sexual behavior.

Imagine that. An allegedly educated woman who, at the ripe old age of 30, actually believes that her sexual experiences, whatever they might be, should be unwritten by middle-class Americans who are struggling to make mortgage payments, fund education for their offspring, and plan for retirement, all the while trying to survive the withering economy brought to us by the failed Obama presidency.

Speaking of Obama, the fellow who should be working 24/7 to fix the economy that he ruined, who should be working to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear threat, and who should be tending to a a host of other vital issues, found time to join the Limbaugh-Fluke fray by placing a personal call to the abused 30-year-old in order to reassure the young thang that the government is ready and able to take care of her from cradle to grave, including picking up the tab for her ‘reproduction prevention’ needs.

Never mind that 45 million Americans are on food stamps, that Social Security is going broke, millions face foreclosure and bankruptcy, and that the federal deficit is fast approaching 16 TRILLION dollars.

None of that really matters, Sandra, as long as YOUR needs are being met.

Oh, and do not forget to register (Democrat, of course!) and by all means vote in November!

By the way, does anyone remember if Obama placed a comforting call to conservative radio personality Laura Ingraham when she was called a “slut” by MSNBC’s Ed Schultz?  Link:

Ed Schultz

Just asking.

* * *

John W. Lillpop lives in San Jose, CA. He denies that he is the only conservative in Santa Clara County, saying that Sally, his cat, is also a conservative! All cats are conservatives, part of the 1 percent, getting those of us 99 percenters to cater to their every need. Lillpop’s email:    


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