• By Joseph J. Honick

Editor’s (David M. Kinchen)  note: Three days before the anniversary of the baptism (April 26, 1564) of the poet and dramatist William Shakespeare (his birthdate is unknown, but many consider it to be April 23, St. George’s day. He died on April 23, 1616). Bainbridge Island, WA resident Joseph J. Honick submits this poem, recognizing National Poetry Month


Who just crossed my mind?
I looked all ’round
But could not find

The skinny shy lad
Of yesterday
I’m sure I heard him
Softly say

“Hi, are you the me
I came to be?”
I started to answer
So surprised I was to see

This stranger with
The familiar look
Perhaps I’d seen him
In some old picture book.

But no, this was the ‘me’
Of years gone by
And all I could do
Was utter a sigh.

He looked so puzzled,
Perhaps disappointed
Or maybe it was the
Sudden shock that
Made disjointed

My understanding of
This strange event,
That willy-nilly
Had me sent

Mentally reeling
Across the years.
Back to all my childhood fears.

And the face
Returned once more,
As if not wanting
To close the door

That connected the man
To the boy
In a curious mixture
Of fear and joy.

And, as he gazed at me,
His eyes now wide,

could sense his power
To look inside

The man this lad
Had come to be.
And I can tell you
That it troubled me.

Was the man the boy’s dream
When he’d be grown?
Would I be the friend
He’d like to have known?

And then the young face
Crinkled to a grin,
As if to say, ‘Gee
Where’ve you been?'”

“I waited so long to see
Who you’d be.
I’m really very happy
That you’re me.”
From Joseph J. Honick’s  book: How Far Can You Go If You Don’t Know How Big the World Is?  (C)1989


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