PARALLEL UNIVERSE: New (Political) Rules: Democrats Fall in Love, Republicans Fall in Line

  • By David M. Kinchen
PARALLEL UNIVERSE: New (Political)  Rules: Democrats Fall in Love, Republicans Fall in Line

“Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line.” A catchy saying I saw on the Internet that may gives us a clue about the outcome of November’s Presidential election.

Case in point, from North Carolina, which Barack Obama won in 2008. The North Carolina Democratic Party, according to Matthew Boyle of The Daily Caller
“…. is seriously considering passing a resolution that would criticize Israel for its ‘illegal occupation’ of Palestine, the latest in a long line of controversial moves coming out of one of the major battleground states President Barack Obama’s team is banking on to win re-election.”


The story goes on to say that the resolution — typical of left-wing Democratic moves to demonize Israel and calls for disinvestment in the only democracy in the region — “… didn’t pass at this weekend’s NCDP state convention, but was tabled and referred to the executive committee for further consideration later. It attacks the United States for providing Israel with “$3 billion annually in military aid,” while the “Israeli occupation, disenfranchisement and impoverishment of significant numbers of the Palestinian population, and Israel’s overwhelming military might and its role as the only nuclear power threaten stability in a region witnessing increased demands for democracy and an end to autocratic rule.”

Just another case of wacky Democrats falling in love with the far-left party line that ignores Arab/Muslim dictatorships — like Jordan and Pakistan, which also get billions in U.S. aid (I’m for ending aid to all the countries, but that’s another column), and spew hatred at us, while Israel is a loyal ally in the war against terror.

Of course, the idiocy goes on, when Israel wasn’t one of the 29 nations invited by Hillary Clinton and the Turkish dictator to a counterterrorism conference in Istanbul on June 7. (Link: The real face of the Obama administration’s disdain for Israel — and Hillary Clinton’s particular hatred for the country — was revealed in that shameful episode.


American Jews — acknowledged by all to be an important part of the electorate — may not switch to the Republicans en masse, but they can sit on their hands — and campaign contributions — and let the Republicans make Obama a one-term president. I’m guessing quite a few will vote for the Republicans, who have been steadfast in their support of Israel.
In the North Carolina resolution….”“Bringing a Just Peace to the Middle East: Israel and Palestine,” the authors accuse Israel of using “this aid to continue its illegal occupation, demolition of Palestinian homes, expansion of existing illegal settlements built on expropriated Palestinian land, and a continued blockade of essential goods from Gaza, a blockade causing a U.N.-documented humanitarian crisis.”

The resolution also says that the United States’ aid causes “violence and insecurity to Israelis, Palestinians, and helps subvert any prospect for peace.” It also accuses Israel of “human rights violations” and “illegal occupation” that “violate international and U.S. law.”

Sounds like something from Al Queda or Hamas or the virulently anti-Semitic president of Iran, doesn’t it?

This resolution was the only one that didn’t pass at Saturday’s NCDP convention – but the party is still considering it, according to the Raleigh News and Observer.

Among the resolutions the NCDP did pass at Saturday’s convention are ones that would advocate for the abolishment of the death penalty, the “abandonment of nuclear energy as part of the U.S. energy policy” and the banning of “puppy mills in North Carolina.”

Puppy mills? Now that’s keeping your eyes on the prize! And nuclear energy, widespread in Texas, where I live, is one reason my electricity bill isn’t out of sight. Texas is also the nation’s leader in wind power. Take that, Al Gore and the other limousine greenies.


* * *

Just when I thought I’d heard the ultiimate in anti-Semitism, I came across a story in Commentarymagazine saying that black author Alice Walker, who has expressed her love for the Palestinians and Hamas in the past, has refused to allow a Hebrew translation of her book “The Color Purple”. (Link: Under the headline “Alice Walker: The Color of Anti-Semitism” Jonathan S. Tobin writes:

“In what must be considered among the most egregious acts of discrimination against Israel by leftist intellectuals, author Alice Walker is not allowing her Pulitzer Prize-winning novel “The Color Purple” to be translated into Hebrew because of her opposition to the Jewish state. The book, which was made into a popular 1985 movie directed by Steven Spielberg, is a story about racism and misogyny in the American south.”

Hey, isn’t Steven Spielberg a Jew? He was the last time I checked!

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency (link: ) reports that in a letter posted on a site supporting the boycott of Israel, Walker said she was refusing to allow the translation in order to boost support for the movement to boycott, divest and sanction (BDS) the Jewish state because of its alleged mistreatment of Palestinians. But in saying she doesn’t even wish her work to appear in Hebrew, Walker is making a broader statement than a mere critique of Israeli policies. This sort of a boycott is an attempt to treat Jews and Hebrew, which is the national language of the Jewish people, as beyond the pale. In doing so, Walker has illustrated how hatred for Israel can erase the line between political opinion and outright anti-Semitism.

The Commentary article notes “As JTA points out, Walker’s jihad against the language of Israel is mere symbolism. A Hebrew version of her book appears to already have been published in the 1980s. But however futile her efforts to prevent Hebrew readers from reading her prose, the decision to expand the boycott of Israel from products and investment in companies to actually seeking to isolate a language shows just how deep-seated the hatred of the country has become. In Walker’s world, Israelis are not just the bad guys in a fictional morality play in which the Palestinians are victims, but the very language they speak — the language of the Bible and the foundation of Western religion, values and morality — is to be treated as unworthy of being spoken or read.”

Commentary: “Walker’s past diatribes against Israeli policy and her support for the Hamas terrorists in Gaza are ill-informed and rooted in ideological bias. Her belief that Israel’s measures of self-defense against Palestinian terror are not merely wrong but worse than American racism or South African apartheid is a calumny based on lies that can be refuted. But to discriminate against the language of the Jewish people in this manner is pure anti-Semitism.”

I can’t say it any better, so I’ll let the Commentary piece speak for me: “It is possible to criticize Israel without being an anti-Semite. But Walker has crossed the line from an already indefensible economic war against the Jewish state to a cultural war against Jewish identity. Such boycotts will not convince Israelis to give up their country or their right to defend themselves against the ongoing efforts of Palestinians to destroy it. But they do serve as a warning that Walker and others who support her efforts have already crossed the line between the demonization of Israel and open expressions of Jew-hatred.”

A loyal Democrat following the party line Walker obviously thinks that two Muslims named Michael Schwerner and Andrew Goodman were lynched on June 21, 1964 in Philadelphia, Neshoba County, Mississippi, along with a black civil rights worker from nearby Meridian, MS named James Chaney. Schwerner and Goodman weren’t Muslims, Alice, they were Jews! Join hands with fellow anti-Semite Al “Hymietown” Sharpton and say it again, Jews! New York City Jews! In fact, the last time I checked, there were no members of Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood working for civil rights in the 1960s, when it was a matter of life and death.


Democrats: New Rules (with apologies to Bill Maher):If you want to win in November, don’t fall in love with people like Alice Walker and the North Carolina Democratic Party.


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