PARALLEL UNIVERSE: Could Shifting of Magnetic North Pole Have Something to Do With Nation’s Unusual Weather?

By David M. Kinchen

Thomas O. Mills, a retired railroad man living in Paso Robles, California, has just sent me material  that may or may not explain the unusual weather we’ve been experiencing — from the warmer than usual winter to the much hotter than usual summer in the nation’s midsection and East Coast.

The shifting of the magnetic North Pole described in the item could even explain the powerful late June derecho that devastated the mid-Atlantic states, including West Virginia.

Here’s the link:

The link is worth viewing, especially the charts and maps. Quoting from the link:

“In the past several weeks (end of 2011 beginning of 2012) .. there has been MUCH talk in the main stream media about the quote ‘warm / mild winter’ that is occurring in the United States.

“I think the satellite shots tell the tale much better than I can — but summed up in a nutshell — confirmed reports of the “pole shift” towards Siberia accelerating :

“link to that story here:

“Now that we can confirm an acceleration of the pole towards Siberia Russia — when you see the below screenshots of the most recent “polar view / Infrared view” from the GOES weather satellite….. you can clearly see the area in question (siberia russia) becoming the new center of rotation for the entire northern hemisphere.

“Another way to put this simply… the magnetic north pole has moved into Russia — basically shifting northwest by a noticeable distance.

“This means that the rest of the “magnetic latitudes” have shifted northwest as well.  Thus, moving the storm track/jet stream/warmer latitudes northwest along with the north pole towards Siberia.

“The resulting effect is that the storms, and weather patterns that once were relegated to areas like Mississippi, Oklahoma, Arkansas are now moving northwest.  Making the United States (in the long run) a more temperate place.   We will still see freezing temperatures for sure — but the long term track on this can only mean ONE thing.. that eventually Siberia will be the center of a NEW arctic circle.. and the rest of the planets weather will adjust around that.

“In my opinion, this would mean that warmer weather can be expected along with more tropical conditions in the summer time.”

* * *
That prediction certainly has come true!

If the name Tom Mills sounds familiar, it’s because he has written a number of op-eds for this site explaining why he considers himself a believer in the Hopi cosmology/religion. Here’s the link to one that ran this past April:
I’m looking for a one-handed climatologist — the equivalent of the one-handed economist President Harry Truman famously wanted — so I don’t have to listen to statements like “On the one hand, the unusual weather could be climate change/global warming; but on the other hand, this year doesn’t rank in the top ten warmest so far.”

Editor’s note: For my September 9, 2011 review of two books by Mills:
For a listing of contributions by Mills to the HNN site:

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