BOOK REVIEW: ‘Full Circle’: Troubled White Man’s Soul Melds With Native American Heart

  • Reviewed by Thomas O. Mills
BOOK REVIEW: 'Full Circle': Troubled White Man's Soul Melds With Native American Heart

In “Full Circle” ( Silverbear Graphics trade paperback, available from, 368 pages, $19.95) Michael “Hawk” Spisak speaks from his Native American heart with his troubled White Man’s soul.

Although his characters are fictional, I feel I have known them all:

> Jackson Themal, the 30-year-old half breed searching for his past and traveling, full speed ahead, head first into his full circle.

> David Chases, promoter of the Sundance ceremony who exploits Jackson and the “Tree of Life” for his personal gains. He will do or say anything, at anyones expense, to advance his own material world. A true two face.

> Mary Bloody Heart, an actual spiritual elder. She could hear the words you thought before you spoke them and if you listened, her words rang with truth flying into your inner consciousness. She was forced to sell trinkets to survive.

Michael "Hawk" Spisak

Michael “Hawk” Spisak

> Nate Winter, one of many Native American wannabes who search the reservations for some secret truth to complete his own world.

> Jenny Lynne, the lonely divorced librarian who provides knowledge, love, and shelter for Jackson and the vehicle to complete more than one of his full circles.

This book is not for the faint of heart. Although fictional, many truths are woven into and out of the story. It was a real page burner for me.

Perhaps Michael’s vision of a Sundance ceremony with its “Tree of Life” has a base with the Ancient Hopi of Northern Arizona’s Ladder Dance or the Totonac Indians of Vera Cruz, Mexico’s Flying Pole Dance.

Perhaps it is exactly what these tribes are missing — the ceremony lost when the Lakota, Shawnee, and other Native tribes were destroyed by the White Man.

Michael states that visions are very important to Native Americans and should be acted upon. Did Michael’s Ancestor’s send him the information for this book? Did he react and write this book? I think so. Great job, Michael.

About the author

Michael “Hawk” Spisak is a 49-year-old mix blood, White/First Nations who has been on his own since he was 13. Living his life traveling the world he has seen and done what most never will. After 48 States, almost every Indian Reservation and 13 countries he settled down in Tennessee with his orange dog, S’unka the Superdog.

About the reviewer

Thomas O. Mills lives in Paso Robles, California and is the author of “The Book of Truth, A New Perspective To The Hopi Creation Story” and “Stonehenge, If This Was East”. For David M. Kinchen’s reviews click:


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