PARALLEL UNIVERSE: ‘Wilding’ Season Begins Early This year

  • By David M. Kinchen 
PARALLEL UNIVERSE: 'Wilding' Season Begins Early This year

Political correctness is upon us once again as the black “teen” wilding attack season  on whites and Asians begins in cities like Chicago. My friend and former Los Angeles Times colleague Greg Sokolowski, who lives on the lakefront near the Mag Mile — upper Michigan Avenue — sent me this report from the Chicago Tribune:

 A quick reading of this story reveals no racial identification, even though prominent black politicians and journalists, men like Mayor Michael Nutter  of Philadelphia and columnist Eugene Kane of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel (where I worked from 1967 to early 1976), have identified the culprits and placed blame where it should be — with the lack of parental control of these modern day vandals. In the past few years, I’ve commented on this situation, singling out Kane and Nutter for having the courage to speak the truth.

 The New York Daily News,  long the sister paper of The Trib, reported on the wilding episode, also without racial identification. (Link: However, the commenters to the story quickly picked up on the photographs of those arrested, all African Americans, including a few 18 or over who were charged as adults. Accompanying this column is an NBC photo of wilding “teens” on the Mag Mile, the Magnificent Mile, Chicago’s upscale shopping and entertainment district.

Since the wilding attacks by “teens” have invariably been initiated by blacks and a few Hispanics against whites, Asians, etc., I believe it’s important to identify the perpetrators by race so potential victims, like the restaurant worker on the “L” in downtown Chicago mentioned in the first reference, who was beaten and had her purse stolen by a mob of female “teens” can take whatever precautions are necessary. That seems to be ever so difficult with the wilding mobs taking to predominantly white parts of Chicago, like the Mag Mile.

To those who say using racial identification is profiling and collective punishment, that all black teen boys and girls aren’t like the mobs attacking peaceful people, I turn the situation around and have roving bands of whites attacking peaceful black “L” passengers and shoppers on the Mag Mile. Would there be racial identification in that case? You bet there would be. I’ve been a journalist since January 1966 and I know my brethren!

 Naturally a journalist wants a second opinion, so I emailed author Robert Hays, whose book “Patton’s Oracle” I just reviewed. I also reviewed his novel “Blood on the Roses” which deals with racial tensions in the rural South. He’s a journalist, retired college professor and one of the best writers I’ve encountered. Here’s what he said:

“David, for what it’s worth: Concerned as I am about racial profiling in general, it makes no sense to me NOT to include the fact that these mobs of “teens” are black teens. Profiling involves casting suspicion on someone merely because of his/her color, ethnicity, whatever, without regard to behavior. The story here involves behavior—criminal behavior—and it is important to identify the criminals as precisely as possible. I can’t imagine a police bulletin trying to describe a bank robber and excluding race in the description if/when the race is obvious, just as it would not exclude height, weight, age, whatever. Visible characteristics are critical to any effort to identify those guilty of criminal behavior, whatever those characteristics happen to be.”


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