OP-ED: Munich Olympic Massacre Anniversary and UN Hypocrisy


  • By Joseph J. HonickPrinter friendly view
Joseph J. Honick

Joseph J. Honick

In about a month — September 4 to be precise — the eve of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah in 2013, it will be the 41st anniversary of the slaughter of Israeli Olympic athletes and coaches in Munich, Germany, by an Arab group calling itself “Black September.”

The assassination group had broken through whatever Olympic security existed and taken the Israelis hostage after killing two of them in cold blood.  They claimed the attack was to secure the release of Arabs taken prisoner in previous hostilities.

 What colors the already savage story of more than four decades past is the memory of whom the United Nations of Hypocrisy chose to condemn afterward.  Unsurprisingly, it was not the Arab murderers.  It was Israel for having responded as any other nation would and for how she responded.  One has to wonder how the UN might have reacted had Israel sent in a similar platoon to do in Arab athletes and their colleagues.

In later years at Olympic ceremonies, even the idea of a minute of silence to memorialize the murdered Israelis was often contested by the usual actors.

With the anniversary of the tragedy fast approaching, perhaps President Obama — in wishing Jews around the world a Happy New Year — might take a moment to cite the significance of the event that so damaged the usually joyful celebration of the Olympics 41 years ago.

Honick is president of GMA International Ltd with offices on Bainbridge Island, WA.  He is an international consultant to business and writes on a variety of public affairs issues.



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