BOOK REVIEW: At Last: A User Guide from NAHB Simplifies the Home Maintenance Process

  • Reviewed by David M. Kinchen 
BOOK REVIEW: At Last: A User Guide from NAHB Simplifies the Home Maintenance Process

 Your car or truck comes with an owners manual, outlining the controls, instruments, providing information on proper fuels, lubrication, tire pressure, etc. — often giving driving hints for more economical and safe operation. The “User Guide” for my 2010 Dodge Caliber is chock full of information. A manual for a car — whether it’s read or not — is a given, but the most expensive purchase most people make — their home — comes without an instruction book.

Thanks to a publishing unit of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) homeowners can buy “Home Maintenance Made Easy: What to Do, When to Do It, When to Call for Help” (MyHome Press, an imprint of NAHB, ordering instructions below, spiral bound to lay flat, 83 pages), that explains the small, but significant steps home owners can and should take to keep their home in good working order.

Spending a few minutes each week caring for your home is essential to ensuring its livability and value now, and getting the best sales price later.”Home Maintenance Made Easy” shows home owners how to maintain their home’s building envelope and major and minor functional systems such as heating, electrical, and plumbing. The book even provides a place to store important papers like receipts, instructions, warranties and contact information.

It also includes monthly suggestions for maintenance and cleaning that will simplify upkeep, and a home maintenance schedule for all major home components. Home owners can also utilize the online tools provided to store maintenance records, contact information and other details about the home electronically.“This comprehensive resource provides a sensible approach to regular home maintenance, using tips that have been tested and recommended by professional builders and remodelers,” said NAHB Chairman Rick Judson, a home builder from Charlotte, N.C. “Home owners will learn how to better care for their home with the book’s guidance on how to tackle simple home projects, troubleshoot various issues, as well as tips for saving money and knowing when it is best to call a professional.”

Home Maintenance Made Easy will help home owners:

• Manage tasks with handy month-to-month checklists
• Organize records of parts, repairs, warranties, replacements, and phone numbers/contact information in one place
• Troubleshoot problems step-by-step
• Learn when to “do it yourself” and when to call in a pro
• Assemble an inexpensive home maintenance toolbox
• Avoid costly mistakes
• Save money on home repairs

Home Maintenance Made Easy is available for purchase at for NAHB members and for non-members. Spiral bound/83pages, $19.95 retail, $17.95 NAHB member, ISBN 978-0-86718-718-2. The eBook is available at ($19.95 retail/$17.95 NAHB member).

I wouldn’t be surprised if NAHB members bought this book in bulk and included it with the sale of each new house, along with the warranty papers for the house and its components (HINT, HINT!).


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