CD REVIEW: ‘Only An Angel’: Carrington MacDuffie Shines in EP CD


If you’re a fan of spoken word books, you’re probably familiar with the voice of Carrington MacDuffie, a native New Yorker who makes her home in Austin, TX. You might be surprised to discover that she has a wonderful voice, displayed elegantly in a six-song EP compact disc “Only An Angel” (Pointy Head Records, B00EI3XMO6, all songs by Carrington MacDuffie, $15.32 from, also available from CD Universe and other music vendors, including her own carrington macduffie cdwebsite store, see below for the link).

I’ve reviewed a number of books by Shelly Reuben and you’ll find MacDuffie reading “The Man With The Glass” from Blackstone Audio Books:

She also voiced “The Boys of Sabbath Street” by Reuben:…

From the product description on CD Universe:

Singer-songwriter Carrington MacDuffie brings together New York roots, West Coast ideals, and Texas soul in her most recent music. Throughout her childhood she was exposed to her father’s intense enjoyment of music, ranging from jazz of the ’40s and ’50s, to folk of the ’60s, to Scottish bagpipes, to Beethoven, to Herb Alpert. She was allowed very little television. She sang in choruses, played a couple of brass instruments, and then began writing songs at the age of 13, when she was listening to Neil Young, Cat Stevens, and the summer blare of AM radio.
Her first open mics were at Folk City in Greenwich Village, and then at various clubs in Boston, where she attended university. Singing, dancing and street performing with a vaudeville cabaret revue taught her the virtues of unselfconsciousness, as did a half-year spent vagabonding around Europe with her best friend and a harmonica, in the days when the only way to reach someone on the road was to send a letter to an American Express office and hope the traveler would stop there.
Music then took her to the West Coast, where in LA she formed a 4-piece rock band and wrote punky songs about anxious states of mind. Over time that morphed into an 8-piece arty World pop band for which she designed elaborate productions involving body paint, slide projection, tape-synched background vocals, two percussionists, costume changes, and a giant canvas for a painter to fervently fill with acrylics by the end of the set.

MacDuffie was then drawn into the possibilities of voice acting, spoken word performance and the outer limits of language and sound without song form. This led to the publication of a book of poetry, On the Dreaming Earth, a one-woman show by the same name, staged at numerous venues and festivals, and the release of her first album, Many Things Invisible, a collaborative work of found sound, music and poetry, composed and recorded in Seattle, and full of the mood of those dense skies and the power of those ubiquitous waters. The work was co-written by Bryan Nall, mixed by Portland’s Tucker Martine, and was nominated for 2 Audie Awards in 2009.

As a voice actor, MacDuffie has performed a tremendous amount of award-winning character and dialect work, including the part of an irate, Shamanic Scottish dwarf for “World of Warcraft”, the part of the dangerously sexy Honey West in a campy noir AudioComics production, and over 200 audiobooks for which she has voiced countless characters of every stripe. This work has informed her style as a vocalist, and she continues to expand into the possibilities voice acting offers.

With the release of “Only an Angel”, she immerses herself in the instrumentation of roots music for the first time. Listen for the elegant strains of Kim Deschamps, the subtle perfection of Chris Gage’s touch, a little of Bill Kirchen’s signature telecaster, and Ron Erwin’s solid grooves.

* * *

Or, to put it in MacDuffie’s own words: “I think there’s always going to be a part of us that just wants to sit on the porch swing and listen to music.”

Here are the songs on the CD:





Only an Angel

Carrington MacDuffie



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Fly Away

Carrington MacDuffie



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Hot Sun of the Summer

Carrington MacDuffie



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Red Eye

Carrington MacDuffie



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Stand Below Heaven

Carrington MacDuffie



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My Favorite Place in Texas

Carrington MacDuffie



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If I had to categorize Carrington MacDuffie, I’d say she’s “country cabaret.” I don’t like labels or categories, but she has the intimate sound of a cabaret singer. She would fit right in at the Cafe´Carlyle in New York City’s Hotel Carlyle, where Bobby Short performed for many years. Her songs are poetry set to music and if you like both poetry and music, you’ll like “Only An Angel.” For more information about Carrington MacDuffie, visit



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